CAST OUT Longsleeve

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A really cool three dimensional look to this art of a vampire skull being cast out as it morphs from the torn shreds of the garment.

Longslv TS Blk is made of Top Quality 100% Cotton, Jersey using skin friendly, Azo-free, Reactive dyes.
Be gone, evil spirit! You will look like the recipient of a recent exorcism when you wear this Cast Out Long Sleeve Shirt, especially when people get a look at you from behind and see the sinister vampiric skull as it emerges from the tatters in the design. And the best part is that as gothic as this shirt is, it is also well-designed and also quite intriguing in its style. Featured on the back of this great shirt is a skull, wrapped in fabric yet straining to break free as it pushes against the stretching strands. On the front of the shirt, though, this skull breaks free and fully emerges, revealing a fanged horror in the shape of a vampiric skull with sinister, glowing red eyes. Around the skull rest small tatters, from where the skull strained to break free. It is crafted in 100 percent high quality cotton and features a relaxed fit and full length sleeves, which help to make this a great garment for cold weather wear. That makes this Cast Out Long Sleeve Shirt a choice garment to wear when you want something that is not only great for cold weather, but also rich in gothic detailing and style.

Key Features:
Made from Quality Materials
Decorated with an Impressive Gothic Design
A Stylish and Unique Garment
A Great Garment for Casual Wear
Available in Several Sizes
Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting